3 reasons for taking a tow truck

This is very true especially when we have many careless drivers out on the road an accident is bound to happen. And we suggest that if you have been in an accident were you know it is not safe to drive your vehicle please don’t for the safety of yours and everyone on the road get a tow truck and have them take your vehicle to the nearest safety destination. 

Reasons on getting a tow truck in la:


tow truck in laThis happens everyday regardless if it is not your fault and this can be very frustrated for many. It is usually not recommended not to drive your vehicle after a accident because it wouldn’t be safe to. Most times after a vehicle is involved in an accident they are not drive-able which it that cause you would need a tow truck to move the vehicle were it needs to go. Make sure you have a company that assist you and knows what they are doing since this wont be an easy job to do.

Roadside Services

I believe that everyone would need this services once in their life time when owning a motor vehicle. Roadside assistance consist of many different thing. Here are a few of what we offer:


-Tire changes 

-Jump starts 

-Gas delivery 

-Battery replacement 

We always have technicians around the clock working so they would be able to assist you at any moment. They are very nice and friendly so don’t be scared to call us.

Winch out services

Have no clue what this is or when you would need it its easy. Whenever you have you vehicle stuck someone where and just need to pulled out a couple of feet give us a call. You can be stuck in many places but our most common are 



-Inside a ditch 



We also offer this service for heavy duty vehicles as well. If you are not sure if you need this type of service just give us a call and we would kindly help you over the phone. 


We have the best technicians here working with us with years of experience and certified. We make sure that we have only the best working with us because we want to make sure your vehicle is in good hands. 

Resource box

We are available 24 hours and 7 days a week. Give us a call at (323) 798-91020. Only the best drivers work with us.

Servicio de Grua en Los Angeles

Fox Los Angeles Towing

7950 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048

Call (323) 798-9102 Now!


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